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by Donald Meinshausen, guest contributor.  [April 18, 2005]





[]  I have been found guilty of conspiracy to distribute MDMA (aka Ecstasy) and marijuana on both state and federal charges, and may end up in prison for several years. My involvement with MDMA is based on the research showing how this drug has helped post-traumatic stress syndrome patients, and helped open the hearts and minds of people to the good there is around them. I've never dealt with dangerous drugs such as heroin, cocaine, amphetimines, barbituates, or tobacco.

Psychedelics offer low toxicity and risk of addiction, and are scientifically proven to aid in creativity, spirituality, drug rehabilitation, counseling, and added enjoyment of music, art, and sex. Erowid and offer proof that over a 1,000 papers were written about these drugs before they were banned -- and that the scientific research continues to this day.

Apart from suppressing the benefits of psychedelics, the drug war is draining our entreprenuerial talent. Successful entrepreneurs must be intelligent, daring, and a good judge of character. So must drug dealers. Yet a 100 dealers are required to do what one clerk can do if drugs were re-legalized. These dealers' talents would then be rechanneled to create other businesses that would hire people and create new products.

I've worked as a headhunter on Wall Street, in commodities firms, and at a top insurance agency, and I've seen more character in those dealing psychedelics and hemp than I've seen at "legitimate" companies. When you work underground, your reputation is everything; no company, no PR, no legislation can help or hurt you.


* My Libertarian Past


The birth of the modern libertarian movement was the draft card burning at a Young Americans for Freedom convention in 1969.

This conservative student group was anti-draft but pro-war and anti-New Left. After a resolution calling for YAF to support draft resistance was defeated, a college student burned his draft card.  YAF's symbol was a torch, and a New Left symbol was draft card burning, so this clash of symbols infuriated the conservatives. The resulting melee disgusted the libertarian caucus, whose walkout became the genesis of our movement.

I organized that draft card burning. I also wrote the draft resistance resolution.

Earlier in 1969, I'd organized a panel on the difference between libertarians and conservatives with Jerome Tuccille (then an Objectivist) and Karl Hess. The panel was so successful that people formed the above libertarian caucus within YAF.

I've been active in the movement ever since, working on ballot drives from 1973 to 1988. In 2004, I wrote Petitioning for Fun and Profit. I've written for Reason, Liberty for All, and Rational Review. I'm a columnist for the Unitarian pagan site. As an LP debate coordinator, I organized the Green-Libertairan debate held in New York City during the GOP convention -- which was covered by C-SPAN.

Not bad for a guy who accomplished all that while under house arrest.


* How YOU Can Help


I hope to move to California after my release from prison, which will be in time for the 2008 election.  I hope someone can help me find housing and a job so that I can continue to promote liberty. I would also like correspondence while in prison so that I may keep current. Please send me copies of interesting email and blogs, as well as magazines and books after you're done with them, as well as personal letters.

I may go in April 15, or I may get another extension. If there is no reply from me via e-mail please send it to my attorney:


Donald Meinshausen
c/o Steve Patrizio
722 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA.


Donald Meinshausen got an extension until late June. His email is:

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