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by Hank Willow, staff reporter  [August 9, 2003]




[]  Darrow Clements, a self-described Objectivist and admirer of philosopher Ayn Rand, is running for governor of California as a Republican. Clements spent Friday night, August 8, collecting signatures on Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade to get his name on the recall ballot -- and the Hollywood Investigator was there!

Clements is running as a Republican because, he says, it's easier for a man of his small government views to get signatures from Republicans. 

Running as a Republican, Clements says he cannot accept signatures from non- Republicans. But despite Santa Monica's liberal voter base, its Promenade attracts fun lovers from throughout L.A. county, and Clements quickly found three young men (one from Topanga) ready to sign his papers.

Clements appealed to the three young Republicans by criticizing the war on drugs. One of the men asked Clements about abortion, and Clements replied: "I'm pro-choice."

"Are you sure you're a Republican?" asked the pleasantly surprised youth.

By way of explanation, Clements suggested that he read Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

Shockingly, the Hollywood Investigator was the only media covering this bombshell event, and is thus able to bring its readers an exclusive interview with Clements.

Because as many as 250 candidates may end up running for governor on California's 2003 Davis recall ballot -- including many other small government advocates -- the Hollywood Investigator asked Clements what set him apart from the other candidates.

"I want to reduce government more than they do," said Clements.

Asked about Ned Roscoe, who is supported by many California Libertarian Party officials and also advocates smaller government, Clements replied, "I haven't studied his positions, but that's good."

Jack Hickey is another declared Libertarian candidate.

Objectivism is a philosophy advocating "rational selfishness" and capitalism, founded by the late philosopher Ayn Rand.  Clements confirmed that he is an Objectivist, and that Rand is an "influence" on him.

The Investigator asked Clements him how his Objectivism would affect his policies and style of governing.

"I'll be more principled," he replied. "I won't be a hit or miss candidate. I'll know exactly what's right and wrong, and I'll know exactly what works to make the economy prosperous without having to spend a lot of time taking polls."

Although many libertarians admire Rand, she herself disliked libertarians and the Libertarian Party.  In 1976, Rand endorsed President Gerald Ford, a man she often praised, and whom she preferred to either Ronald Reagan or Jimmy Carter -- or the Libertarian Party's Roger McBride.

Although Rand died in 1982, many Objectivists still carry Rand's distaste for libertarians. The Investigator asked Clements for his views on the Libertarian Party.

"I think it's a bad strategy in a winner take all system like America," said Clements. "I would favor the Libertarian Party strategy in a parliamentary system like Great Britain, where you get the number of seats according to the number of votes that you win."

Asked for his views on Leonard Peikoff's Ayn Rand Institute (the "official" representatives of contemporary Objectivism), Clements replied, "I don't like the fact that [Peikoff] is not open enough to have debate about some of the issues of Objectivism. I think the Ayn Rand Institute is doing a good job, but they need to be more open to debate and discussion."

A more "open" splinter group from Objectivism is the Objectivist Institute.



After collecting his three signatures, Clements and about a half dozen of his supporters tried enticing listeners for his speech. But despite using a bullhorn, Clements failed to compete with the street performers and musical acts that crowd the Promenade on a Friday night. Clements tried to hire a musician to attract attention, but the musician was midway between his act elsewhere on the Promenade.  Failing to attract interest, Clements's group soon dispersed to other areas of Santa Monica, seeking signatures.

Darrow Clements is registered to run as "D. (Logan Darrow) Clements".

Copyright 2003 by

Hank Willow is a Los Angeles based tabloid reporter who has extensively investigated Hollywood scams against actors. Read more about his journalism in Hollywood Witches.
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