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by Hank Willow, staff reporter  [January 5, 2002]





[]  Anorexics are sick and tired of being told there's something wrong with their svelte lifestyle choice -- and they're fighting back with Anorexia Pride websites!

But in a massive censorship sweep, medical activists are shutting down the Pride sites as fast as they're going online!

Those are the shocking findings of a Hollywood Investigator investigation into Anorexia Pride -- and net censorship!

ABC News and Salon have warned America about the rise of Anorexia Pride websites.  Their warnings are echoed by Lifelines Foundation for Eating Disorders, and other media and medical outlets.

And in case warnings aren't enough -- the Cincinnati Post reports that activists are organizing a censorship campaign to silence Anorexia Pride on the net!

National Review reports: "Earlier this year, the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders asked Internet engines to shut down or 'unlist' pro-ana sites, and some did." [12/17/01, p.12].

Anorexia Pride websites sport such names as: Dying To Be Thin, Anorexic With Pride, Empress's World, Wasting Away On The Web, Starving For Perfection, Food Is Evil, and Thinpiration.  There are also newsgroups such as Beautiful By Bones, and email listservs such as Puking Pals.

But when the Hollywood Investigator searched for Anorexic Pride sites via Google, many sites were found -- but without working links!

The Blankgirl site (hosted on MSN) had been shut.  Anorexic With Pride (hosted on Geocities) still had its intro page -- but no content!

The only halfway "pro-ana" working website found by the Investigator via Google was Food Is Evil (hosted on Dairyland -- at least for now).

However, while searching under Anorexic With Pride returns few working "pro-ana" sites, it returns many working "anti-ana" sites.

The MetaSpider engine returned several Anorexic Pride sites -- but while the anti-ana links worked -- many pro-ana sites had been shut!  Such as Anorexic Nation, which proclaims: "Proudly Pro-Anarexic and In Your Face Fat Ass."


Manhattan Sharks


AnorexiAngel (on Geocities) offers a more moderate voice, providing tips on "how to be ana" -- but also "how to recover" from anorexia should that be one's lifestyle choice.  But again, AnorexiAngel's pro-ana links are less likely to work.

However, AnorexiAngel's moderation is not found on anti-ana sites!

Extremism on the Net labels pro-ana sites to be "extremism" -- equating them to "white supremacy" and "political fascism" sites!

Shockingly, despite such "monitoring," hate sites of all colors and politics are many and easy to find -- while people who are at worst celebrating their own illness are vigorously and successfully silenced.

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Hank Willow is a Los Angeles based tabloid reporter who investigates Hollywood scams and Tinseltown's occult underbelly. Read about his adventures in tabloid journalism in Hollywood Witches.


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