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by Erik Barath [August 7, 2002]





[]  Last weekend, was shut down and inaccessible for about 60 hours.

My odyssey into a first degree migraine began Saturday, at 6 a.m. The site was down.

I called my server, XO Communications, to see what was wrong. I was put on hold by the tech guy, and after 5 minutes, he informed me the site was shut down due to "violations". I asked for specifics, but the administrator didn't know. He informed me there was nothing he could do, and that I was to call the "abuse" department at 9 a.m. on Monday.

Outrageous. I'd received no email, phone call, or snail mail to inform me of any "alleged" wrong-doing. Anti-MTV was shut down without notice or reason.

After calling "abuse" on Monday morning, August 5th, and giving them an earful of my own abuse (as my first and seventh amendment rights had been trampled), the "abuse" person told me they'd tried to call (a lie) and sent a letter (another lie). I was then put in touch with Allison, XO's lawyer handling the case.

Seems this was about a complaint from BMI. (I'd received shakedown emails from a John Colletta telling me to pay "fees" for the videos I play -- or else. Videos that no one will see except on the net.  Videos I make no profit from.)

This is where it gets interesting.

Allison said she found my address and phone number not by asking the people at XO, for whom she works, but via a "WHOIS" search at Network Solutions -- from which I bought and registered the domain name over 3 years ago. Instead of making a quick call to the people at XO for the correct information, Allison figured her duties were complete and didn't care that I was uniformed about the harsh action XO was contemplating.





But wait, it gets better.

The contested video files weren't even on the XO server: Five Minutes Alone (Pantera), Pull the Plug (Death), and Hanger 18 (Megadeath), just to name a few. I took them down over a month ago.  One of them is on another company's server, so it's out of XO's hands.

XO not only didn't do any homework in finding my contact information, but they didn't even check the legitimacy of the complaint.

Anti-MTV was wrongfully shut down.

So where do we go from here? Well my friends, after a year and a half of funding Anti-MTV from my pocket money, and being harassed by legal pond scum who have their own best interests in mind and not the bands' -- I've decided to call it quits. I've had it.

I've said for the longest time that lawyers are killing this country, and now lawyers have finally killed Anti-MTV.

I would like to thank the over 5 million people who supported us over the last three years. I love you all. I will keep Anti-MTV up for another month or so, at which time my newest site,, will be fully functioning. It will be a news site with social and political commentary and political humor.

Anyone wishing to purchase Anti-MTV, please

I'll keep you guys posted ... take care.

Copyright © 2002 by Erik Barath


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