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by Patrick Patterson, New York correspondent.  [July 5, 2004]





[]  Jon Alvarez of "Patriotic Americans Boycotting Anti-American Hollywood" is circulating yet another boycott list, targeting celebrities who've "abandoned America in her time of need" (whatever that means).

The boycott list is so extensive, it'd have been simpler if Mr. Alvarez had simply listed the celebrities one may see. One wonders what British actress Joanna Lumley did that qualifies as "abandoning American in her time of need." Back in the 1990s, the British editor of National Review, John O'Sullivan, praised Lumley (and her politically incorrect Absolutely Fabulous) in NR. But these past few years, pro-war conservatives (i.e., neocons) have come to mirror the PC Left in their outrage over any dissent. (I wonder if the fiercest of the Bush-supporters and Bush-haters realize they are looking into a mirror?)

Without endorsing Mr. Alvarez's silly list, here it is for the curious, along with his communique, and our comments in red:


My Fellow Patriots:

Thank you for supporting our efforts vs the traitorous actions of Michael Moore. We were very successful in our efforts, thanks in large part to you! Many theatre chains chose to do the right thing and NOT air this anti-American film [theaters do not 'air' films, they screen them] and many potential viewers were alerted to the real premise of Moore's vile propaganda. For all the hype and hoopla, this film did only $23 Million its first weekend. Compare that to the opening weekend for The Passion of the Christ, which did over $80 million. The best efforts of the treacherous left in America have once again, failed miserably. [$23 million is not bad for a documentary; also, one may appreciate both Fahrenheit 9/11 and The Passion of the Christ].

While we may have allowed the radical left to undermine our efforts during the Vietnam War, thus denigrating the service of those brave troops and forcing them to return home in shame and disgrace, we certainly won't allow that to happen again. There'll be no spitting on the troops on our watch!  [One can, of course, support the troops but not the war.]

Our latest boycott list of anti-American celebrities. We've included many of those theatre chains which have decided to support Michael Moore's treachery. They refused to listen to YOU, so don't feel badly about not supporting their chain in the future. Besides, it's cheaper nowadays to simply buy the DVD of the movie you'd like to see, as opposed to spending over $8.00 a ticket, plus popcorn/soda, cramped seating, and noisy neighbors.

God Bless America!

The following celebrities have betrayed America during its time of need and are on a boycott list being circulated. Their products will not be purchased, we will support them no longer!  [Here he refers to America in "its time of need," but at the end of the list he refers to American in "her time of need.  Curious.]


F. Murray Abraham 
Pedro Almodovar 
Robert Altman 
Jennifer Aniston
Gillian Anderson 
Christina Applegate 
Ed Asner 
Kevin Bacon 
Marcia Ball 
Alec Baldwin 
The Barenaked Ladies
Drew Barrymore 
Kim Basinger 
The Beastie Boys 
Warren Beatty 
Harry Belafonte 
Eric Benet 
Sandra Bernhard 
Peter Boyle
Beau Bridges 
Jackson Browne 
Jim Carrey
Stockard Channing 
Chevy Chase 
Don Cheadle 
Margaret Cho 
Jill Clayburgh 
David Clennon 
George Clooney 
Glen Close
Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream 
Paula Cole 
Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs 
Chris Cooper 
Peter Coyote
James Cromwell 
Sheryl Crowe 
Alan Cumming 
Joan Cusak 
John Cusak 
Matt Damon
Tyne Daley 
Geena Davis 
Ossie Davis 
Rosario Dawson 
Jonathan Demme 
Judy Dench 
Johnny Depp 
Leonardo DiCaprio 
Ani DiFranco
The Dixie Chicks 
Vincent D’Onofrio
Ileana Douglas 
Richard Dreyfuss 
David Duchovny 
Olympia Dukakis
Kirsten Dunst 
Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit 
Charles S. Dutton 
Steve Earle 
Roger Ebert 
Hector Elizondo 
Cary Elwes 
Mike Farrell 
Mia Farrow 
Laurence Fishburne 
Jane Fonda 
Harrison Ford

Al Franken 
Brendan Fraser 
Peter Gabriel 
Janeane Garafalo
Teri Garr 
Richard Gere 
Greg Germann 
Melissa Gilbert
Danny Glover 
Elliott Gould 
Hugh Grant 
Melanie Griffith 
Robert Guillaume
Jake Gyllenhaal 
Maggie Gyllenhaal 
Larry Hagman 
Marcia Gay Harden
Woody Harrelson 
Ed Harris 
Ethan Hawke 
Selma Hayek 
Dustin Hoffman 
Ron Howard 
Helen Hunt 
Anjelica Huston 
Chrissy Hynde 
Natalie Imbruglia 
Jeremy Irons 
Peter Jackson 
Samuel L. Jackson 
Elton John 
Jane Kaczmarek
Melina Kanakaredes 
Casey Kasem 
Maynard Keenan (Tool) 
Nicole Kidman
Stephen King 
Ben Kingsley 
Sally Kirkland
Nathan Lane Jessica Lange
Anthony Lapaglia 
Heath Ledger 
Spike Lee
Annie Lennox 
Tea Leoni 
Joana Lumley 
Kelly Lynch 
Wendie Malick 
Camryn Manheim 
Rob Marshall 
Chris Martin of the band Coldplay/Mr. Paltrow 
Marsha Mason 
Dave Matthews 
Sir Ian Mckellan 
John Cougar Mellencamp 
Natalie Merchant 
George Michael
Julianne Moore 
Michael Moore 
Esai Morales 
Alanis Morissette 
Shelly Morrison 
Viggo Mortensen 
Willie Nelson 
Randy Newman 
Nick Nolte 
Ed Norton 
Chris Noth
Rosie O'Donnell

Ed O'Neill 
Al Pacino 
Gwyneth Paltrow 
Sarah Jessica Parker 
Alexandra Paul 
Sean Penn
Barry Pepper 
Jeremy Piven 
CCH Pounder
Jonathan Pryce 
(REM) Peter Buck and Michael Stipe 
Bonnie Raitt 
Robert Redford
Lou Reed 
Carl Reiner 
Rob Reiner 
Eric Roberts 
Julia Roberts 
Tim Robbins 
Carlos Santana 
Susan Sarandon 
Anabella Sciorra 
Jane Seymour 
Martin Sheen 
Martin Scorsese 
Tony Shalhoub 
Kevin Spacey 
Bruce Springsteen 
Howard Stern
Oliver Stone 
Sharon Stone 
Marcia Strassman 
Meryl Streep 
Barbara Streisand
Loretta Swit 
Jay Thomas 
Heather Thomas
Emma Thompson 
Uma Thurman 
Marisa Tomei
Lily Tomlin 
Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam 
Andrew Lloyd Webber 
Will Wheaton
Bradley Whitford 
James Whitmore 
Robin Williams 
Alfre Woodard 
Noah Wyle 
Michael York 
Neil Young 
Renee Zellweger


Lions Gate 

Theatre Chains:

AMC American Multi-Cinema 
Regal Cinemas (UA, Hoyts) 
Loews Cineplex Corporation 
Landmark Theaters 
Cinemark USA 
Century Theatres Inc.
Signature Theatres 
George Kerasotes Theaters 

Please forward this list to other Americans so that they can be made aware of who they are supporting when they go to the movies or the movie rental store. 

Don't support those that abandoned America in her time of need.

Jon Alvarez 
Baldwinsville, NY
Founder of Patriotic Americans Boycotting Anti-American Hollywood


Patrick Patterson lives in New York. He has previously covered the February peace march and post-9/11 security in New York. His experiences as a Los Angeles based paparazzi are revealed in Hollywood Witches.


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