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by Thomas M. Sipos, managing editor.  [April 2, 2004]





[]  Grammy Award winning "Bette Davis Eyes" songstress Kim Carnes is soon to release a new CD -- Chasin' Wild Trains -- independently produced entirely on her own! -- and the Hollywood Investigator has an exclusive advance report!

(Of course, Carnes's new CD will come as no surprise to longtime Hollywood Investigator readers -- the Investigator reported on her project -- exclusively! -- a whole year ago!)

"This is the best disc Kim has put out -- EVER! I LOVE IT!" gushed Reid Furniss, manager of Yahoo's Kim Carnes Fan Group. Carnes personally gave Furniss an advance copy of Chasin' Wild Trains during her March 13, 2004 concert at Sisters, Oregon.

"Her voice is more raspy than in earlier stuff, more like Checkin' Out the Ghosts. [A 1991 Carnes CD released only in Japan] I think American versions of her songs have been filtered to cover up her rasp more than in Japan. I was soooo shocked at the pops and cracks in her voice on Ghosts. Never heard that much since Romance Dance.

"But Kim told me that she would never go back to her EMI days, where she was told what to do, how to do it, and produced it contrary to what she wanted."

As reported last year in the Hollywood Investigator, Carnes produced her album independently -- and that's just how she intends to distribute it!

"The disc is mastered, and Kim had advance copies for sale at the Sisters concert," Furniss reports.  "It doesn't have a booklet yet, just a make shift cover art showing Kim as a little girl (3 or 4 years old) playing on a toy car. An old picture that is simply wonderful."

Carnes told Furniss the cover art "came from her digging around in her mother's stuff, and she came upon an old picture, and just knew that was the album cover that she wanted to use."

A slicker version of that cover, along with booklet and lyrics, will be sold with Chasin' Wild Trains when it's officially released for distribution. "They hope to release the CD by this summer," reports Furniss. "They plan to use the internet as one distribute source. They're going to work L.A. and areas to see if they can get a label to take on the album." The selection of songs are as follows:

  1.  One Beat at a Time
  2.  Just to See You Smile
  3.  Where Is the Boy?
  4.  Goodnight Angel
  5.  Lucid Dreams
  6.  All About Time
  7.  Runaway
  8.  You Made My Skin Burn
  9.  Still Warmed By the Thrill
10.  If I Was an Angel
11.  Too Far Gone
12.  Stepped Right in It


* Furniss's Shocking Confession!


Shockingly, at first Furniss didn't like Chasin' Wild Trains!

"I was soooooo disappointed," Furniss shockingly confessed.  "It was all I could do to listen to it the first time. I cannot begin to tell you how bad I felt -- almost guilty for not liking a Kim CD!

"I'm all about softer, smoother stuff. Kim's early stuff like Kim Carnes [most of its tracks available on the Master Series] and St. Vincent's Court. Pre-Romance Dance. Voyeur was a complete let down for me, that harder synthesized sound and too much keyboard. And overly-produced stuff like Cafe Racers -- although Cafe Racers is now one of my favorite Kim albums! I've always known Kim to be more Kim Carnes or St. Vincent's Court. Real mellow, "earthy" sound. More soul and R&B than hard rock. Some songs on Ghosts are [softer] too.

Upon first hearing Chasin' Wild Trains, Furniss wondered why he didn't like it. "I stopped listening, and was thinking of burning it! [But] I decided to think it through, and see why I was so disappointed.

"Then it dawned on me! The synthesized keyboards were missing! Very little electric guitar noise.  Just Kim's voice was coming through on this CD. Chasin' Wild Trains is all but totally acoustical.  Very simple in sound, very organic."

The simpler Chasin' Wild Trains reminded Furniss of Carnes's recently remastered Barking at Airplanes, Cafe Racer, and Romance Dance. "They un-buried Kim's voice. That was one of the first things I noticed about the remastered CDs. You could easily hear her voice now. I always wished they'd never buried her voice in the synthesized keyboards.

"Chasin' Wild Trains does not cover up her voice! I now realized that Kim has returned to her 'beginnings' and sounds more like the earliest albums! I then understood the 'change' that came about this new album and in less than 12 hours -- I loved it!

"It is the most wonderful collection of songs I've ever heard!  It took me several hours, and many listens to 'make friends' with the new music. It was such a joy and thrill when I finally figured out the change was for the better!  It was back to what Kim does best, her musical identity and the progression of her musical style and writing. Now [unburied] we have a taste of what Kim can do!

"The most amazing song is 'Goodnight Angel.' It'd certainly be a radio hit. Kim introduced it at Sisters, and wrote it from a war time angle, about a person missing another person since they are at war (unmentioned, except by Kim in the song's introduction).

"I think Mr. Panda sings with her on the recording. I think he did in the concert as well."

* Sisters, Oregon


Apart from his advance copy of Chasin' Wild Trains, Furniss thrilled to Carnes's March 13, 2004 concert at Sisters, Oregon -- and the city itself!

"What a wonderful trip!" Furniss gushed. "Incredible!  If you can ever go to Sisters, do it! I've never enjoyed myself more in such a laid-back, friendly place in all my days put together. Sisters has a population of 1020 people! That's it! The entire 'area' is only 7500 people.

"Sisters is very special to Kim and [hubby] Dave. Dave is from Eugene, which is not far from Sisters. They have a soft spot in their hearts for the community, so they made up some advance CDs for the concert. After the gig, Kim sat and gave autographs in the common area.

"Kim saw me in line, and gave me the biggest hug, and thanked me for coming. I gave to her all the emails and stuff that was sent to me [by fans worldwide] to deliver. She is just so down to earth, and acts like you are just her best friend whenever she is with you."

Kim Carnes fans will want to read our Investigative report on Kim Carnes's 2003 Woodland Hills concert ... then visit (1) Kim Carnes's Official Website (2) Brazilian Kim Carnes Fan Club. (3) Reid Furniss's Yahoo Kim Carnes Fan Group.

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