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by George Phillies.  [October 27, 2004]




[]  With respect to the George Bush Neoconservative Party, and the when-it-counted-look-where-their-votes-in-Congress-went John Kerry Also-Neoconservative Party...

In which we recall elements of political methods of seventy years ago, and show how they appear in modern flag crepe.


* Imperial Ambitions

The Japanese talked of a Greater Eastern Co-Prosperity Sphere, in which trade between Asian Nations would be backed by Japanese military bases from Burma to Hawaii. Their reach exceeded their grasp. Neoconservatives talk of a permanent American presence, backed by a dozen or fourteen American bases, across Iraq with Iraq obliged to sell their oil to us, in our currency.  Meanwhile, an initially neutral Iraqi population has become actively hostile.

In Vietnam, GIs could stroll the streets of Saigon taking pictures and buying souvenirs, or so they said at the time. In modern Iraq, GIs who enter Baghdad do so in armed convoys highly likely to be attacked by the residents.


* The Big Lie Technique

In which outrageous and absurd claims are made against whichever opponent is next to be brought to hand, can be seen the claims that the Italian State was the Roman Empire reborn and that German people were entitled to Lebensraum, open space to be stolen from their neighbors. Herr Ribbentrop made whichever political agreement was momentarily most convenient to his German masters.

Modern Neoconservatives eschew even this level of consistency, so that President Hussein on different dates had a stockpile of poison gas, a nuclear weapons program, cruise missiles capable of bombing the United States, clear links to El Qaida, a role in the 9/11 attacks, or perhaps thoughts of recovering his modern weapons programs if the UN restrictions against his country were ever removed.

The Neoconservative Secretary of State, Mr. Powell, was happy to repeat all these fables to the United Nations, all in justification of a Neoconservative war of Aggression. An honest and ethical Secretary of State, ashamed of how he had misled the United Nations, would have resigned.  Mr. Powell did not.


* Racism

Many Americans are baffled by how the superficially civilized Germany of the 1920s could two decades transform itself into an anti-semitic cesspool. But you've seen it on modern television, with a few names changed. Contemplate the televised exchange in which one commentator referred to Kerry's stances as nuanced, and his neocon challenger responded, "Nuanced? That's so ... French."

For Neocons, vilification of one of the oldest lands in Europe, the country whose soldiers and subsidies substantially saved the American Revolution, replaces rantings about Jewish Physics and Jewish Bankers.


* Racialism

The Germans of the 1930s denounced their political opponents as enemies of the German Volk. For modern Neoconservatives, the racialist slur against their opponents is that critics of their policies are anti-Semites. The slur is repeated even when the religious faith of the Neoconservatives being defended is not not generally known.


* Religious Hatred


For classical Europeans of this sort, the target of hatred was the Jews. For modern neoconservatives, the target of hatred is "Islamofascism". For European fascists, Jews had the Auschwitz death camp. For Neoconservative neofascists, Islamites are shipped off to the Abu Ghraib rape camp or the Guantanamo Gulag.


* Big Wars Against Small Targets

Mussolini invaded Ethiopia, unleashing tanks, bombers, and poison gas against the soldiers of the Emperor Haile Selassie. The Ethiopians fought bravely, but were overwhelmed by modern technology, letting Mussolini parade his victories before the Italian people. Seventy years later, Neoconservatives launched an unprovoked war of aggression against Iraq, whose army fought for a short while, letting Neoconservatives parade "Mission Accomplished" before the American people.

Readers of It Can't Happen Here may recall the war with Mexico, with bigger and bigger victories being won in about the same location. We now see reality imitating art, with the Army liberating Samara for what appears to be the third time.


* Politicalization of the Military

Five decades ago, when it was proposed that Eisenhower would emulate Grant and run for President, it was at first unclear as to which party would have him as their candidate. Under modern conditions the Armed Forces are heavily associated with the stances of a single political party, the Republicans, with anecdotal and indirect polling evidence indicating that the long-term soldiers and sailors lean Republican by perhaps five-to-one.


* The Emerging Police State


When we see films of trains in 1930s Europe, and watch the tall handsome man working down the seats asking "Your Papers, please?" we know he is not the hero of the piece. Travel papers were a control method.  Their modern counterparts understand the method. Neoconservatives are hard at work instituting a state travel paper system -- to the limited extent that we do not already have one.


* Arrest Without Trial

The Germans had a wonderful phrase, smoke and fog, for the disappearance of political undesirables. The Neoconservatives have brought arrest without trial to the United States, with the incarceration of Mr. Padilla in a military prison camp.


* Conscription and National Service

As tools for lining up the young people and brainwashing them into obeying their masters. Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry may say they are not planning on reviving the draft, but they put their money on maintaining and enhancing the Selective Service System.

Neoconservatism: It's Neofascism in Red, White, and Blue Bunting. A vote for Bush/Kerry is a vote for Neoconservatism. A vote for Kerry/Bush is a vote against America. Vote Libertarian! Badnarik for President.

Copyright © 2004 by George Phillies.


George Phillies is a Massachusetts physics professor, a science fiction writer, and Libertarian Party activist. His email:


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