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by Thomas M. Sipos, managing editor.  [February 6, 2005]





[]  "Bette Davis Eyes" singer Kim Carnes saved the life of one of her fans -- by inspiring the cancer-striken man with her music! That's the shocking true-life confession of Carnes fan Jeff Rolston, as told exclusively to the Hollywood Investigator!

Said Rolston to the Investigator: "If it wasn't for my faith and the inspiration of Kim's Early Years CD (especially the song, 'It Takes Time') and St. Vincent's Court (especially 'Take Me Home to Where the Heart Is' -- my mom's favorite Kim Carnes recording!), I don't know if I'd be saying this now!"

Three years ago, Rolston's mom died of liver cancer. "It started in the colon -- the silent killer, as there are often no symptoms," said Rolston. "She might still be here if she'd had routine physicals. But being of German & Irish decent, she only went to the doctor if she was sick, which was almost never. She'd been in the hospital three times, being the births of myself and my brother and sister.

"The apple didn't fall far from the tree. I could count on one hand the number of physicals I've had. But after losing my twin brother to an aneurism/stroke, dad to brain cancer, and mom to liver cancer, I got to thinking...

"I got a checkup, and polyps were found! This sent me on a rollercoaster ride, but logic kicked in had them removed, and tested. Results were that "C" was found."

Rolston's surgery was successful. He is now cancer-free -- and he credits Kim Carnes with his recovery! "This might sound stupid," said Rolston, "but I feel I owe my recovery to the one and only Kim Carnes! If I could meet her someday, my life would be complete. I have such an admiration for her."

In the meantime, Rolston finds continuing inspiration in Carnes's music. "I am very anxious to get her latest album. My ultimate favorite recording by Kim is 'Long, Long Time'! Her version blows Linda Ronstadt's version out of the galaxy!"

Rolston has a message for all Investigator readers: "To everyone with a family history of cancer -- get a complete physical NOW!"

And he has a message for Kim Carnes: "I love you, and your music! Thanks for countless hours of enjoyment. I hope to meet you one day, and have my picture taken with you! That would be THE greatest moment of my life."


Jeff Rolston can be emailed at: or
Carnes fans will also want to read our Investigative report on her efforts for John Kerry, and her new self-produced CD, and her 2003 Woodland Hills concert.

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