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by Mimi Brickmeyer, staff reporter .[August 8, 2002]





[]  Ex-tabloid reporter Lysa Moskowitz-Mateu (aka Lysa Mateu), co-author of Poison Pen: The True Confessions of Two Tabloid Reporters, has found a new career doing what tabloids only cover -- working as a professional psychic!

And so amazing are Mateu's psychic powers (of which she makes no mention in Poison Pen), that she's even been involved in the hunt for Chandra Levy!

In Poison Pen, Lysa Mateu and David LaFontaine recount their shocking work as tabloid reporters for The Star, Globe and National Enquirer.

Mateu paid a heavy price for Poison Pen -- once her employers at The Star discovered she was writing it, her tabloid reporting days were numbered -- and she was forced to freelance.

Her tragic tale continues its heart-breaking spiral! Mateu tells how she lost a potential job on the Oprah Show after confessing her connections to The Globe -- a paper that caused Oprah so much heartache and grief with its fat photos! The plucky Mateu also recounts her brave attempts at writing TV sitcom scripts -- which apparently also led nowhere.

But the brave gal landed on her feet when she tapped into her amazing psychic powers -- and the publication of her new book: Conversations with the Spirit World: Souls Who Have Ended Their Lives Speak from Above!

Yet despite her astonishing psychic powers and amazing past, the gutsy gal remains modest and does not tout her tabloid book on her Channeling Spirits website.

But luckily for folks seeking to contact recently departed friends and relatives, Lysa Mateu remains generous with her time. For despite Poison Pen's condemnation of "our modern, celebrity-obsessed Cult of Personality" Mateu is available for media interviews!

Listen to Lysa Mateu display her amazing abilities on radio!

Shocking, radio listeners were not impressed by Lysa Mateu's amazing abilities, and criticized her heavily on this bulletin board.

Lysa Mateu has also showcased her amazing abilities via the Learning Annex. In their Summer II 2002 catalog (page 5.) Mateu is described as a psychic who "not only hears, sees and feels your loved ones, she takes on their mannerisms and speech patterns. A spirit medium like no other -- she can connect you with the specific person you want to hear from in a manner of minutes."


Lysa Mateu replies: You are incorrect in stating that I was forced to freelance after the book was written. I was already freelancing and I quit the tabloids then wrote the book so they never forced me to quit as there was no book at the time I quit. [From an email, June, 13, 2003]

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Mimi Brickmeyer is a Los Angeles based entertainment reporter who has extensively investigated Hollywood's biggest celebrities. Read about her adventures in tabloid journalism in Hollywood Witches.



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